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So who are these “Muslims against Sharia”?

For those more acquainted with Islam, there is no instant more eyebrow-raising than a certain blogger called “Muslims against Sharia” turning up somewhere in a random comment section, accusing everyone of ‘Islamofascism’. Upon looking closer to this strange figure, .. Actually, let somebody explain who has done the research and proven how highly fraudulent this odious bunch is, who probably can’t tell a minbar from a mehrab.

So here’s a big shout out to Rev. Jim Sutter for the great effort and for leading a very interesting blog.

Update: After the torrent of comments and hate mail over here and over at Gates of Vienna vs. the World vs. LGF, it gets even more interesting!

Update numero duo: It’s official! Solid evidence that the “Muslim” against Sharia isn’t any more Muslim than a decorated Christmas tree. From the comments below: (For the record, this is the same user as sewer-mouthed “Muslims against Sharia” on the GoV vs. LGF thread linked above):
"Muslim" against Sharia
This “Muslim” against Sharia refuses to say the most basic and natural thing a Muslim would say, thus removing all doubt that they’re not a Muslim to start with. One second he/she/it is whining and moaning about rumours against its pour soul, and the next moment it’s acting all arrogant towards those who offer a chance to debunk them. Not exactly the easiest way out.

And how’s this for consistency? If you really cared that much about your religious privacy, why are you masquerading around with the title “Muslim” for the whole world to see? Tough luck, douche, you’ve blown your chance, and here I am, calling you out on a public blog for it. I’ve put up with you long enough, but this is a plain insult to my intelligence. So, all together now:

Screw you, your lying and your behaviour worthy of scoundrels. This is a testimony to the true nature of the “counter-jihadosphere”. Lying, fraudulent, corrupt bunch of pirates, hiding behind an allegedly good cause, while harboring hate towards anything Islamic. The true, good natured Muslims of this world will continue living in peace with their environments and will never go down. Your blood boiling at this very fact makes it even better.

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Personal note:

So where I’ve been? Good question.. Apparently a writer’s block, along with a healthy dose of university, and weird circumstances that shifted me away from Munich for a month for my Bachelor-thesis project are all complicit. Once I get my life back, I will probably return into fully-fledged blogging mode, and hopefully it’ll be about more than just what jobs to take up when fortune is not on your side.

Until then, the Sphinx remains silent.

Jobs to take up when all else fails.. (#2)



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Tales from college life..

Truer words never spoken..

Truer words never spoken..

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Jobs to take up when all else fails.. (#1)

Integral Symbol
Integral symbol

If you don’t get it, then congratulations. You are not a mathematics nerd..

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I’m in love!

If I don’t grandiously fail my next exam because I was sitting on my derriere the whole time playing this..

Apparently I figured out too late that the good people at addictinggames.com take their name highly seriously.

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Disclaimer: I hereby take no responsibility for any newly formed, flash-game related obsessive dependencies, mental or physical. You have been warned.

Here we go again..

Remember this letter?

Yup.. I got another one. After signing up for the exact same position for next month, I obviously didn’t get spared the free background check. That would be my fifth time in less than two years (at least the ones I know of..). It’s starting to turn fun, you know? This kind of official letter sounds more like: “Oh, you’re from that country.. You might be a terrorist.”. If I had the opportunity to send back a smart-ass reply, it’d probably be in the lines of: “Oh, you’re from this country.. You might be a neo-nazi..”. Same logic, right?

Once I apply for extending my residence permit some time in September, I might even break the record with a sixth time in less than two years. Maybe even a seventh if I apply for another job for the next semester. Oh joy!

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