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Here we go again..

Remember this letter?

Yup.. I got another one. After signing up for the exact same position for next month, I obviously didn’t get spared the free background check. That would be my fifth time in less than two years (at least the ones I know of..). It’s starting to turn fun, you know? This kind of official letter sounds more like: “Oh, you’re from that country.. You might be a terrorist.”. If I had the opportunity to send back a smart-ass reply, it’d probably be in the lines of: “Oh, you’re from this country.. You might be a neo-nazi..”. Same logic, right?

Once I apply for extending my residence permit some time in September, I might even break the record with a sixth time in less than two years. Maybe even a seventh if I apply for another job for the next semester. Oh joy!

The Sphinx


For those who were wondering, the Sphinx is still alive and kicking. This break from blogging is just taking longer than I expected, mostly because there’s just no free time anymore for being creative. Which is probably why it’ll go on for another few weeks.

What I’ve been up to? I’ve had the great opportunity to learn how “friends” can stab you in the back, show a lack of gratitude, hurt other people that are dear to you, and all that lovely kind of stuff. That’s what.

Yes, there are more horses @r$es in the world than horses to go with them. It’s remarkable how you’ll get to learn this lesson over and over again in your life.

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Sort your priorities

I’ve been thinking of posting this for a while. Sometimes you’ll get discriminated against for something you can’t help, and some people will tell you that you have to live with it, because..

‘Terrorism is the greatest twenty-first century threat.’ – British Prime Minister Tony Blair, May 2003

‘Terrorism is the greatest threat facing free democracies in the twenty-first century.’ – German Chancellor Angela Merkel, May 2006

‘The greatest threat this world faces is the danger of extremists and terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction.’ – US President George W. Bush, September 2005

‘No challenge is greater than the threat of terrorism.’ – Australian Prime Minister John Howard, May 2006

‘Terrorism is the greatest threat to world peace.’ – Russian President Vladimir Putin, September 2000

If they’re right, maybe I really should get checked every now and then, because you know.. You’d expect the greatest threat to humanity to be so devious in nature that you’d never even be aware that you’re an active part of it. (“Oh thank you for giving me a background search, I was actually worrying the other day that I might be a terrorist!”)

But are they really right?

Let’s see, anyone up for some statistics? Let’s look at some annual death tolls in Germany, listed by reason, approximate number of victims, and the year taken into account (Taken and translated from here):

Heart and cirulatory diseases: 350’000 [2004]
Legal Drugs: 210’000 [2005]
Cancer: 200’000 [2004]
Fine Dust: 75’000 [2005]
Blood poisoning: 55’000 [2004]
Injuries and poisonings: 35’000 [2004]
Medical Malpractice: 30’000 [2005]
Wrong medical prescriptions: 24’000 [2005]
Car exhaust gas: 20’000 [20,000]
Influenza: 20’000 [2005]
Medicament side-effects: 16’000 [2004]
Suicide: 11’000 [2005]
Care shortcomings at foster homes: 10’000 [2004]
Traffic victims: 6000 [2004]
Illegal drugs: 1500 [2004]
Hepatitis: 1200 [2004]
Asbestos: 1000 [2003]
Murder and manslaughter: 750 [2004]
Malaria: 700 [2004]
Swimming accidents: 650 [2003]
Psychotropic drugs: 500 [2002]
HIV: 500 [2004]
Tuberculosis: 400 [2005]
Mad cow disease/Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease: 140 [2004]
Hunting accidents: 40 [2004]
Floods: 10 [2002]
Deadly Police shootings: 10 [2004]
Lightning strikes: 3 [2002]

And finally…

Terrorist attacks: ZERO [Since 1993]

Alrighty then, as for my provocative question of the day: Isn’t it about high time people actually start worrying about other stuff as well? And shouldn’t they call something “The greatest threat” when it really is the greatest threat?

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You’ve got mail

It’s always remarkable how really small and insignificant joys can save your entire messed-up day, and it’s even more fascinating how certain things can destroy your long-overdue and precious moments of euphoria in an instant. Behold this love letter I got just in time for Valentine’s day:

Your appointment as an assistant student

Dear Mr. ****

according to the present documents, your appointment as an assistant student at the Technical University of Munich – Faculty of Physics (Lectures affairs) – is intended for the 20th of February 2008 (<- Note the date. Today is the 14th – ed.)

According to instructions by the Bavarian Government, before the appointment of applicants with places of birth and/or citizenship of certain countries (..) can be carried out, an inquiry at the Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution has to be made for possible ties to radical Islamist-Fundamendalist terrorist organizations. (<- Oh for &$*%’s sake, not AGAIN – ed.)

As the inquiry at the State Office takes around four weeks to process, the decision over your appointment can only be definitely settled after the inquiry result has arrived. (<- Right, because I definitely won’t be 3 weeks late for the job by then – ed.)

Sincere regards,


Dear authorities: After giving me the special treatment solely for my nationality three times in less than a year, the fourth time is rather boring. But thanks a lot for screwing me over.

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Turkey eases headscarf ban

Well that was about time: The Turkish Parliament has finally decided to promote some real equality by amending their constitution, allowing veiled girls to attend University normally.

Many reasons why I support this move and dislike all this ruckus about Islamic veils. In all randomness:

  • There is nothing as paradox as an agenda that supposedly is so “secular” and “democratic” that comes hand-in-hand with forcing girls to either take off their veils, or miss out on higher education.
  • The veil is a personal choice, and yet it faces the most resistance from the self-proclaimed “personal-choice-supporter” crowds. Makes just as much (little) sense.
  • In fact, a woman doesn’t lose any of her worth or dignity by choosing to wear a cloth over her head.
  • Nuns and Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair too. Where’s the outrage about that?
  • How come you can’t attend University with a headscarf in Turkey and you can in Germany, which counts as one of Turkey’s role models in secularism?
  • Forcing all women to NOT wear a veil belongs in the same basket as forcing all women to do so. Make of that what you want, and no amount of comparisons to Swastikas is going to change that.

I remember that one incident we faced while in Istanbul (Check out the third comment on that post for a broader perspective. Whoever you are, thank you). And here I repeat my statement again: Being irritated by a piece of cloth over the head or a cross around the neck is a sign of intolerance. And God forbid anybody on this planet being called intolerant, right?

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An ode to hypocrisy II

The Canadian Foreign Ministry is starring in an episode of crippling hypocrisy, along with its American and Israeli counterparts:

Canada FM regrets ‘torture list’

The Canadian foreign minister has apologised for including the US and Israel on a list of states where prisoners are at risk of torture.


Maxime Bernier said the list, which formed part of a manual on torture awareness given to diplomats, “wrongly includes some of our closest allies”.

Mr Bernier insisted the manual was not a policy document and did not convey the official views of his government.

The listing was criticised by the US and Israel, who demanded it be changed.

You don’t say! It gets even better:

“We find it to be offensive for us to be on the same list with countries like Iran and China. Quite frankly it’s absurd,” said the US ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins.

Quite frankly, it’s absurd you find this offensive mate. I mean when the US Government acknowledges that prisoners have been tortured in its detention centres and Palestinian testimonies of being tortured by Israeli interrogators come up, sometimes numbering up to hundreds and thousands of people, then don’t get all whiny when you end up on the Governments-that-torture-their-prisoners lists.

A spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Ottawa, Michael Mendel, said the Israeli Supreme Court was “on record as expressly prohibiting any type of torture”.

“If Israel is included in the list in question, the ambassador of Israel would expect its removal,” he added.

If the law is there, why isn’t it being enforced? What use are even the best laws of a country when the Government’s forces themselves aren’t abiding by them? If the righteousness of a government is judged by the laws written on paper, and not whether they are enforced or not, then Egypt for one would have one of the most correct governments on the planet.

‘Reviewed and rewritten’

In a statement on Saturday, Mr Bernier said he regretted the embarrassment caused by the public disclosure of the list and promised it would be changed to reflect the Canadian government’s official position.

“It contains a list that wrongly includes some of our closest allies. I have directed that the manual be reviewed and rewritten,” he said.

“The manual is neither a policy document nor a statement of policy. As such, it does not convey the government’s views or positions.”

The manual lists US interrogation techniques such as forced nudity, isolation, sleep deprivation and the blindfolding of prisoners under its “definition of torture”. (<– If my memory doesn’t fail me, there was something involving wooden planks and lots of liquid. Or maybe I’m just hallucinating – ed.)

It also refers to the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, where a Canadian man, Omar Khadr, is being held. Critics say it ridicules Ottawa’s claims that he is not being mistreated.

Other countries on the watch list include Afghanistan, China, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The document was mistakenly provided to the human rights group, Amnesty International, as part of a court case it is bringing against the Canadian government over the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan.

The torture awareness course was introduced after Ottawa was strongly criticised for its handling of the case of a Canadian who was deported from the US to Syria in 2002.

Syrian-born Maher Arar, who was accused of being an al-Qaeda member, has said he was tortured during the 10 months he was detained in a prison in Damascus. An inquiry exonerated him of any links to terrorist groups in 2006.

Let me state pre-emptively: This is NOT meant to blame Americans or Israelis for this kind of stupidity. This is only meant to show what kind of hypocrites are running the governments, who think they can get away with just about anything, so spare me the trouble of reading lame accusations of being an “American hater” or “Anti-semite”. The bottom line:

Prisoner torture is terrible, regardless of where on Earth it’s being committed. And this includes but is not restricted to the US and Israel. End of story.

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Idiocy and Iraqi New Year

The folks at LGF are at it again with their fanatical troop-worship, thanking them with almost tearful eyes for bringing joy into Iraq (heh..) and for the first New Years Party in Baghdad in years. (If the link is broken or directs you to something else, just copy the address and paste it into a new window.)

I asked myself though: How ignorant and/or mentally impaired do you have to be in order to NOT see that this was the first one since the illegal invasion actually started?

BAGHDAD – It was something not seen in Baghdad since before the 2003 invasion — people publicly welcoming a new year with singing, dancing and general revelry

The ballrooms of two landmark hotels — the Palestine and the Sheraton — were full of people for the first New Year’s Eve celebrations after four years of violence that has bloodied Iraq.

Interesting. Up to 2003 people were still celebrating New Years, then SOMETHING must have happened *scratches head*. Wait, it must have been those sneaky Islamofascistcommieliberalnazienvironmentalist insurgents! It’s entirely their fault, and definitely nothing else in the whole wide world! The poor angels of the coalition forces just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!
But .. How were people celebrating in 2003? And what was (and still is) their main concern? Read this article. Something clearly doesn’t add up here.

Sarcasm aside, one should ask himself how welcome the American troops in Iraq are. Maybe it’s obvious once you look at how a few of them have been spreading their love to the Iraqi people that supposedly owe them everything and stuff..
If you’re still not convinced, what if China decided to “liberate” the US of A and free it from the lying and tyrannical government that doesn’t do what its people want? Would they still be welcome there, despite everything?

For the sake of simplicity: Iraqis. Don’t. Want. Americans. On. Their. Soil.

What the supposedly perfect troops have succeeded in doing is toppling the only guy who managed to maintain some stability in this already artificial country, regardless of how evil he was. And to add insult to injury, they dissolved the existing Iraqi army, probably _the_ biggest mistake they could ever do. Those troops will do almost anything for decent wages, including collaborating with the coalition forces, and would probably have helped prevent this whole mess. But the country had already gone from bad to worse, courtesy of Chimpy and Co.

Happy new Year, American crusaders troops. Iraq really loves you. As for the sheep squad at Little Green Footballs, thanks for the laughs. Glad to be a thorn in your sides, either here or at LGF Watch.

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Thank you New Years Eve..

.. for resulting in a major disruption in the mobile phone networks in Egypt.
Thank you very, very much.

/update: Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone :) (Where are my manners?)

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An ode to ignorance

It’s that time of the year again where one just has to admire how much rubbish someone can pollute the internet with. I’m talking of course of this epic 33-word analysis of Eid-ul-Adha by Little Green Footballs. A great post really that honestly read to me like: “zOMG, t3h m00slams R k1lling An1malz d00d!!1!11″.

A few chuckles (pardon the pun) later, I thought I’d give Charles a pat on the back and show him how little he knows about Islam. So Chuckie, as you seem to have no clue about this custom of slaughtering animals other than what these pictures and your islamophobic instinct are telling you, here’s a small crash course:

(By the way, if you click on a link leading to LGF and get a flash video telling you that you’re an idiot, or anything of the sort, just right click the link, click on “Copy Link Location”, and paste it into a new browser window. Chuckles has the habit of breaking links from places like this.)

1) The sheep(or goat, cow, camel, whatever..) has to be in a healthy state, free from any illnesses or disabilities.
2) The person who is slaughtering the animal has to be a sane, trustworthy and experienced adult. You shouldn’t let just anybody to do this, as this deranged lizard claims right here:

#31 Mich-again
For the meat to be considered halal, the animal has to bleed to death. So while the once a year Muslim Amateur Butcher Night is bad enough, know that this is pretty much how every animal they eat all year long is killed. Restrained while they are cut and then bleed to death. Allah willed it that way.

3) The “bleeding to death” part is also pure trash. What happens is that you quickly sever the windpipe and the two main blood vessels that are responsible for the brain’s blood and oxygen flow. This leads to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds, and not a long painful death.
4) The knife has to be clean, and as sharp as possible.
5) You’re not allowed to slaughter one animal in the presence of another one. No prizes for guessing why.
6) You have to make sure to comfort the animal, and not let it be afraid. Do not under any circumstance let it see the knife.
7) Washing out the blood from the corpse is required for hygienic purposes. It also makes the meat easier to preserve. When you’re sitting in the university’s café, and the chicken drumstick your friend got had a full artery that squirted blood out when he cut through it with a knife, you’ll learn to appreciate this halal practice very much.

Those are the basics of how to have your animal slaughtered. Any other way of doing this is simply un-Islamic, and any Muslim who doesn’t follow these rules is just wrong. But if you still insist that this is all just horrible nevertheless, then you’re either plain squeamish, a vegan (understandable in that case), or a raging Islamophobe. After all, the Islamic guidelines that are clearly written in the Sunna are pretty much bulletproof in terms of minimizing animal suffering. And I bet you that your way of herding cows or pigs together in one closed area and killing them off mechanically one-by-one is even worse than what you’re seeing in the pictures.
Even this guy pointed that out:

#32 Alas
Ever been to a slaughterhouse? The way we eat meat without knowing what actually goes on during mechanized animal killing is perhaps worse. I am a meat-eater, but a visit to a slaughterhouse gives you pause. So at least they are actively seeing what killing is all about, instead of buying meat as a consumer item without any thought of where it comes from. Of course, the sad thing is that many of these Muslims probably get excited about bleeding animals to death, instead of using it as an opportunity for reflection.

The last bit is of course your typical lizard’s way of saving their credibility at LGF by throwing anything possible at Muslims. I’ll put it to you this way: NO, Muslims don’t get excited about bleeding animals to death, and NO, we don’t take pleasure in suffering animals, and NO, we are NOT a bloodthirsty perverse people, and YES, most of us have an uneasy feeling about killing animals and couldn’t do it ourselves (remember the experienced butcher part). But if you’re going to eat meat, you’ll have to kill an animal some way or the other, and you can either do it in a way to minimize any suffering on the animal’s part, as Islam prescribes, or not. If somebody happens to do it wrongly, then it’s THEIR fault and THEIR problem, not Islam itself. And before you see that difference Charles, I won’t have any drop of respect left to you.

But of course he just had to have his say on this, replying to another lizard who at least had some common sense:

#61 Charles
re: #14 JCM

Having spent some time on a farm and participated in the slaughter and butchering of the animal. Most of the photos are in line with the process.

Throwing the animal into the air. Nope.
But they do need to be secured, a large animal can hurt you.

For those who are used to meat in Styrofoam trays with plastic warp the photos are a little jarring.

Uh … they’re doing this in the street. Is that standard butchering practice? What about the guy who’s dancing around and slashing with a knife?

Of course it’s not standard butchering practice, but where else should they do it when most of the city is participating? In butcher shops? We don’t have so much of those. In people’s houses? Nah.. Be more constructive there, mate!
And it’s also preposterous on your part to claim that somebody is “dancing” judging by a still picture. Maybe it didn’t dawn to you that people usually jump back after cutting through a cow’s neck in order not to get injured by a well-aimed kick.

Furthermore, on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha there is probably more charity done that in the entire Christmas season in the whole of America. When you slaughter an animal, you don’t keep all the meat to yourself, but one rule of thumb is usually to keep a third to yourself and your family, give a third to your relatives, and the rest goes to the poor and needy. In Egypt especially, where the poverty rate is high, and meat is becoming way too expensive for many people, this is how people support each other. Or when have you shared part of your Christmas turkey to the not-very-well-off guy down the street, Charles?
And then it’s a widespread tradition to give so-called “Eideyyas”. This is an amount of money you give to your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc. for the occasion, and many people who have enough also give this to poor people so that they can at least get something for themselves or their families they’re supporting.

So think VERY WELL about who and what you’re ripping on. And before you acknowledge your shortcoming of understanding our society, you’ll just remain the laughing stock of people like me who have lived in such places, and know what’s really going on, you will always live with the title “Bigot” we have bestowed upon you, and “Hypocrite” for bashing Islam for this practice, and not daring to say anything about Judaism, where the kosher way of slaughtering animals is almost exactly the same. In fact, many Muslims know that if you’re somewhere where there’s no halal meat, search for kosher meat instead, if possible

So, that was my part of LGF stalking for the day. It could’ve turned into a “Little Green Fascists, revisited”, but I guess I’ll spare myself the effort for a later time. Stay tuned and happy holidays!

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“The Hijab Story – Tragic Murder of Aqsa Parvez”

Cross-posted from, a great post by sister “AnonyMouse”:


I write this with an aching heart and furious thoughts.

No doubt by now you have heard of Aqsa Parvez, the 16 year old girl who was killed by her father, allegedly over the removal of her hijab.

Needless to say, we are all shocked, horrified, and saddened. Yet I, for one, am also angry. Inevitably, the first thing that seems to be expected of us is a condemnation of this man’s actions. And so here it is, my condemnation: What happened to Aqsa Pervez was WRONG, was not an “honour crime” but was, like all such crimes, dishonourable. It was, without a doubt, unIslamic. Nothing in the Shari’ah says that a girl may be killed if she removes her hijaab.

Hear, hear! So much for the “lack of Muslims speaking out”..

But you know what’s even sadder? My condemnation is not purely sorrowful. It is tinged – more than tinged, it is stained – with anger at those who demand such a condemnation from me. Why, why, WHY is it that whenever someone who is Muslim, or has a Muslim-sounding name, does something… it’s automatically blamed on Islam? Every time I’m expected to condemn something done by a Muslim, I want to demand in turn that all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Wiccans, Communists, Germans (on behalf of the Nazis), and Caucasians apologize and condemn every single crime committed by those who belong to their religious or ethnic group.

I’ve always asked myself the same question.
Personally, even if I reject or condemn something, I hate it when people keep stuffing this demand down my throat, and telling me I should put everything down, and start a hysterical tirade about how we are scum. Well unfortunately to you, we’re not exactly robots you can push a button on and make us say what you want at your own will. We will say what we like, whenever the heck we feel like it.

So why does this happen anyway? Is it a form of proselytization? Probably..

What makes it worse is that there are those who would use this as an opportunity to hurt the Muslim community even more – in the name of Muslims themselves! Tarek Fatah, renowned fool and know-nothing who spews rubbish every time he opens his mouth, has caused even more damage in this article published in the National Post. It can be summarized as ignorant, muck-stirring, rabble-rousing, fear-mongering LIES that will only make the situation worse for Muslims.

It’s either that, or it’s about people who have no idea about Islam and its teachings, yet claim to know what’s better for it and want to reform it beyond recognition and destroy our identity, much to the joy of other ignorant self-proclaimed or rubbish-spewing “experts” and Bigots.

Muslims in Canada are now going to have to deal not only with the grief and shock of Aqsa’s murder, but can expect now to be looked at with suspicion and hatred from those who now think that Muslims are living some secret double-life. More than ever, Muslim men will be thought of as oppressors, fanatics, and radicals; more than ever Muslim women will be thought of as oppressed slaves, of living in fear.

I want to know why, when an “honour killing” happens amongst the Sikh community (and it’s happened, more than once, where a girl was killed by her father or another male relative because they found out she had a secret boyfriend or something), it never gets so blown out of proportion as it is when Muslims are involved. The hypocrisy and double standards are sickening.

(The National Post is ingenious enough to also publish this article, which in one breath tells everyone that “Muslim honour killings” are coming to Canada, and in another breath ‘reassures’ everyone that it’s probably just an isolated incident. Note the phrase “imported violent and backward practices” – that really gives you a good impression of immigrants, eh?)

This incident, however, also throws light on another major issue in the Muslim community: that of the Muslim youth, and their pride in their religion and identity as Muslims. It also forces us to think about how parents are dealing with kids who are going through the whole “Muslim-in-the-West” struggle.

Honestly, I think it’s an over-worked topic. I’ve heard and read about it so much that I could probably list what’s wrong with Muslim teens, and what the solution to their problems are, in my sleep. Sadly, there are others who, despite the staggering amount of resources dedicated to this issue, continue to struggle.

Rather than writing yet another article on the subject and recycle well-known points, I’ll just use this as a reminder to you on the importance of interacting with youth and taking into consideration their concerns and issues. If nothing else, let this incident make you get up and start doing something to help the Muslim youth in your community.

To non-Muslims, I hope you read this article with a clear mind and realize that the Muslim community in Canada is neither a secret cult, or made up of hordes of “ignorant immigrants,” and we are most certainly not blind to the many issues going on in our community. Don’t assume that we’re all ostriches with our heads stuck in the sand (or snow, as the case may be at this time of the year). Don’t think that we’re all sitting silently on the sidelines, or that murder and abuse are commonplace in our home – they are not more prevalent than anything happening in your families.

I urge you to read more about Islam and Muslims (this website is a good start!), and better yet, to get to know Muslims personally. Discover for yourself how Muslims in Canada aren’t all that different from you. Yes, we may have some beliefs and practices that differ from yours, but in general we share many of the same values. Those “Judeo-Christian” values, based on the Ten Commandments, that I’m constantly told Canada was founded upon – guess what? Muslims believe in each and every one of the Ten Commandments too. Food for thought, eh?

With that, I end my lengthy rant and pray that Allah give us the strength and patience to deal with difficult situations such as this; and that He grant us the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to keep toughing it out succesfully. Ameen!


Ameen. Thank you for this brilliant article.

The Sphinx

An ode to hypocrisy

No lyrical homage to double standards here, however this will probably make you laugh:
Maori activists from New Zealand are caught after engaging in militant activities and threatening violence against the white population, and yet they don’t get charged as terrorists.

New Zealand’s solicitor-general has ruled that 12 environmental activists arrested last month cannot be charged under anti-terrorism laws.

David Collins said the 2002 legislation was “unnecessarily complex, incoherent” and almost impossible to apply.

The men, mainly Maori, were arrested in raids on both North and South Island on suspicion of planning a violent campaign against the white majority.

The men still face possible charges of illegal use and possession of weapons.
On Thursday, New Zealand’s top legal official announced the arrested activists would not face terror-related charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act, the first time the 2002 law would have been applied.


Though the police had good reason to investigate the alleged weapons training activity, Mr Collins said the evidence did not meet the criteria outlined in the law.

The article doesn’t state exactly what criteria these people didn’t meet in order to get prosecuted. So I’ll make in a wild assumption, and for all I care, call me a bloody cynic if you want:
They probably didn’t have the right religion or background in order to be qualify as real terrorists.

No seriously, do you really think they’d have gotten off that easy if they were Mid-Eastern or Muslim? I’d swallow my left sock if they would.

“I have concluded the legislation is unnecessarily complex, incoherent, and, as a result, almost impossible to apply to the domestic circumstances observed by the police in this case,” he said.

Mr Collins said he had advised the police that he would be “unable to authorise the prosecutions”.

So tell me Mr Collins, were they spared the terrorism charges because of a lack of evidence? Hardly..

However, he said the police could continue to prosecute the 12 activists, along with five others also detained in the raids, for alleged illegal possession and use of firearms and other weapons.

Police said they had seized guns, ammunition and homemade napalm bombs at military-style training camps and intercepted text messages suggesting at least one of those arrested planned to mount a war on white people.

And from another article:

Media reports said the raids came after months of work by anti-terror police, with evidence gathered from hundreds of hours of recordings from bugged conversations, video surveillance, and tapped mobile phone calls and text messages.

One of the videos reportedly showed a military-style training exercise with live ammunition being fired in mountainous terrain.

So let me get this straight. You catch a bunch of people with their pants down as they possess illegal weapons, are firing live ammunition at a “Military-Style Training Camp” they set up (sounds familiar, doesn’t it..), sending threats over messages of committing violence against white people, very similar to what you see from modern urban terrorists from Mid-Eastern origin, and you just CLEAR these of terrorist charges and treat them as common criminals instead? What the hell?!
Am I the only one seeing a double standard here?

This post is not intended to put down the Maori People, whom I so far know next to nothing about, and am sure they have nothing to do with terrorism. But from the side of the police and prosecuters there are clearly a few hypocrites in charge of the laws that are supposed to stop ALL kinds of terrorism, and not only that one type that is supposedly monopolizing the market (as people have been misled to believe). If all cases like this are being handled in such a lax way, then it’s no wonder that this impression is spreading among the population.

To cut a long rant short: Please, governments of the world, we can somehow put up with the ridiculous scrutiny that you put us through, but if you’re going to be so tough with putting your anti-terror laws into effect, then at least be a bit more balanced and show some kind of God-damn consistency while you’re at it.

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A few lessons learned

This post may be overdue, but there are a couple of reasons why I didn’t get to write it earlier. It’s been namely over a year since I’ve landed here and I’m certainly now a different person than back then, but here are these tiny and almost unimportant lessons I’ve got to learn here, that you’d have wished somebody had taught you before you came.

- If an accident happens to you, don’t fret. You might get to know some great people through it, and this could pretty much change your life.
- When going to an official establishment, take a very good book and lots of patience with you. Don’t forget the sedatives either. Also make sure that your next errand is at least more than two or three hours ahead.
- Weather forecasts are unreliable. Live with it.
- Never, in your whole life, ever swallow a caffeine tablet. EVER.
- Traffic rules can be demon spawn. I’ve learned to miss driving in Cairo (Even though – according to an earlier post of mine, it “leads to early Diabetes, high blood pressure, and extensive cursing.”)
- Drunk people ARE capable of bringing down an entire train line (or two), by roaming around the track areas or simply passing out on a train.
- During the Oktoberfest, it’s advisable to stay in your quiet little town of 15000 inhabitants and not use the underground system a lot, especially in the evenings. Also see the previous point.
- When this little town of yours is only reachable by an underground train line that happens to pass by the biggest and most popular stadium in the area, memorize the whole football game schedule, even if you hate football. Know when there’s a league game, then avoid that line like the plague.
- Snow isn’t really that nice
- Austrian potatoes, apples and Ham aren’t always edible.
- You can have a very reliable train system, and people will still grumble about it all the time. Don’t try to understand it.
- When the nice young lady asks you if you’re alright and whether she should call an ambulance, don’t put on a nervous smile and say: “No thanks, I’m alright”. Because when you fly off your bike, are bleeding from both elbows and both knees, trembling from hyperventilation and for some reason can’t use your right hand anymore without suffering from a sharp pain, then no sir, you’re obviously not alright.
- “I don’t like dogs” is probably the worst insult you could tell to a dog owner. Seriously. “I’m allergic to dogs” is the only good excuse to give them, so that they keep their usually stupid mutts from trying to lick your crotch or to bite one of your limbs off.
- Pumping up your bike tyre on one of those free compressors in petrol stations is not a good idea.
- The constantly drunk guy in your little town who sits at the same bus station every day, engages in strange conversations with random people and throws empty bottles onto the road can actually be really good company.
- Going home from the supermarket with 3 bags of supplies on one bike is a horrible idea. Go on foot.
- Always check vending machines first, whether they give back change or not. Chances are, you’ll have 1,45€ in the machine, no coins left, and the damn thing inside costs 1,50€. Also your credit will probably disappear after a minute.
- The guys on the underground trains who check peoples’ tickets always come when LEAST expected.
- When you buy a microwave oven, make damn sure you don’t have to walk very much while carrying the damn box.
- You will eventually miss the last bus or train home, regardless. Just pray that you don’t happen to carry a large handbag and a backpack full of heavy books at the time.

The Sphinx

Note to self..

If you come from an Arabic country and go to get a residence permit here, make sure to take a very high dose of sedatives before. If you don’t then may God help those who are in your vicinity afterwards.

The Sphinx

Little Green Fascists

(Note: Not meaning to steal the name from the blog with the same name. It just fits so perfectly..)

//UDPATE: Apparently Charles Johnson, who knows no reasoning, has redirected every link that’s coming from this site to a rather amusing flash video. In order to circumvent this and read the scum written by his minions without being called an idiot by the Idiot™ himself, you can download the Firefox De-Referer Plugin, or even easier: Right click on every link you want to follow, click on “Copy Link Location”, and open it separately in a new window or tab. – Hat Tip to anonymous commenter who pointed this out.

A few posts ago I got into a heated discussion for daring to complain that there’s a war on Islam going on over the web. Well apparently there is a bunch of people who are insisting on fighting a global war against Muslims and Islam, from the comfort of their homes. So I decided to play along. Usually in any war, you apply tactics against your enemy that they fear and hate most. Which is why I’m going to do just that: Expose those dolts for what they really are. You will notice that I won’t do much to counter what they accuse Islam of. That’s going to be a post of its own.

Now I don’t need to show what kind of hypocrite Charles Johnson is, the author of the site (also known as Chuckles, a nickname he’s not too fond of). There’s this nice blog that has done it already many times before. However, as a tree is known by its fruit, I’m going to present a few (of many) examples of how Charlie’s faithful readership, the so-called army of lizards, normally behaves in the usually massive comment sections:

Disclaimer: Be prepared for a very long and very disturbing post. The following excerpts contain a massive share of profanity, bigotry, hypocrisy, extreme intolerance and are of completely ignorant, racist and/or genocidal nature. Guaranteed to severely offend. All typos, spelling mistakes, insults and profanities are left unedited. If you are not willing to ruin your day by reading this, I strongly suggest you leave now and enjoy a nice glass of juice in the sun. There are a lot of better things in life. Read at own risk.

As an introduction check out this brilliant piece of armchair-rhetoric about what one lizard thinks of left-wingers:

#174 JoiseyMafia
I have always found it amazing that people like Charles put themselves out here on the internet and can remain so calm and non-chalant about the lunatics from the Left who attack him verbally on a daily basis.I could never do it as i have the tendency to take such attacks personally. Im not thin skinned to name calling as i could care less abput being called a Nazi or a jack-booted fascist. I take umbrage at what the loonie Left calls America and Americans. After reading what some of these traitorous Leftists leave behind on the carpet i have to go hit my workout program and get out my anger. I dont know how you do it Charles but im glad to have someone like you on the correct side , on the side of sanity and morals.

[Haahahahahahahahahaa - ed.]How these wackos on the Left live with such anger, hate and lunacy is beyond me. They use the worse gutter language that you would hear from criminals and the insane. My wifes boss who is a criminal phsycologist agrees that many of these people border, if not cross over, on insanity and he has dealt with some of the worse kind of criminals including well known serial killers.

Many of the worst mass killers are/have been some very intelligent people yet they, just like the Left, seem to have violent tendencies, act rather immature under certian conditions, have no idea of right and wrong, poor or non-exsistant morals,tend to live in a fantasy world of their own making and extreme narcisistic tendencies. And the Left is loaded with those characteristics.

I would not be surprised if some of these moonbats have criminal tendencies. And i would not be surprised if many of them have been diagnosed with mental disorders some time in their lives. It seems possible after just reading what many of them post. They fantasize about death, murder and assasantion all the time. That to me signifys very sick and twisted minds.

Every day i find it amazing that i live and work among such people on a daily basis who would probally try to do me bodily harm if they could. It boggles my mind.

At this point I suggest you play a little game: Write down a checklist of every accusation he has made to left-wingers, and place a tick next to each one every time it applies to what you’re about to read next, which are comments coming from the same people who think in the same way. The result is hilarious. First universal truth at LGF: Islam is evil. And nobody has the right to question or deny that:

#18 hyphen
I’ve heard from Muslims, on more than one occasion, that Islam respects women, that Muhammad treated women well (rolls eyes), and that Aisha led men to war (wow…). Western liberals believe the lies being told to them by “moderate” Muslims.Then we read about acts of misogyny like this. Whom to believe, whom to believe……the news or what comes out of the mouths of Muslim apologists….

Classic example of somebody who categorically refuses to understand. “What? Good Muslims exist? They didn’t show that on the news.. It must be a hoax. Move along people, there’s nothing to see here..” And they’re passing it on:

#58 MandyManners
I’ve already started teaching the kid that Islam is evil.

The response was interesting. It proves that every time I try to find some consistency in lizards’ arguments, I fail:

#59 Sharmuta [Arabic slang for "Whore". Go figure.. - ed.]
58 MandyMannersMost excellent! You’re a good mother.

But then in another post:

#59 Sharmuta
Can there be anything more vile than the indoctrination of innocence to a cult of Hate and Death?

Ok, let’s keep those last 5 words in mind, and see who is actually the cult of hate and death here. Take a look at the hate that’s keeping LGF alive:

#50 madmama
Well, lo and behold!
I just mentioned it last week….when coming back from China.
I flew into Chicago…..
The first person I saw, who screened my passport was…”ACHMED”…..he was the customs official.
He didn’t even look me in the eye….and I immediately felt bad, bad vibes!The next person at the security detail was named “HASSAN”…..!

I told my friends right then and there….how easy it would be to infiltrate the ‘system’!

Now it’s happening.
It was only a matter of time.
The people in our government really are IDIOTS!

It’s up to us… one else is going to protect us!

Right. Because around every corner, there’s an evil Muslim waiting for a signal from the boss to start the systematic takeover of America and the enslavement of all humanity. And the aliens will come and help too. And I own an island in the Caribbean. Well fine then, keep on trembling in fear! Enjoy your fantasy adventure while it lasts, before you grow sick of it and find another group of people to pick on and throw all kinds of crap at.. Just like here in Germany 70 years ago, when Jews were victimized by this kind of hate and fear.

#77 JWM
And we keep up with the multi-culti’after all not all muslims…’. Bullsh*t. Every muslim is a potential vector for jihad, either actively or complicitly. Importing muslims into America is cultural suicide. Tolerating islam is ignoring the seeds of evil as they sprout at your doorstep. Hiring a muslim for airport security is like… oh, forget it.
I’ve just had it with this crap.

So you’re suggesting that all 1.6 Billion Muslims are terrorists or potential terrorists. I get it now. I’ll be waiting for a letter to land in my mailbox that says: “CONGRATULATIONS! You have officially been granted the title of ‘potential terrorist’! To upgrade to ‘terrorist’ status apply for an annual membership. Call now! 1-800-TERRORISTS

Here’s a good one, it contains ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, racism and violence all at once:

#39 AZfederalist
Wow, muslims in a Caribbean paradise. So, they plan to bag the women there too? There’s a plan that’s destined for failure (at least among those Jamaican women with at least two brain cells to rub together)./You want me to wear a what?! In this heat!?!
Are you @#$%’n out of your ever-livin’ jihadi mind?! Wear this, you goat-@#$%’n 7′th century !@#$ in a dirty nightshirt! Clang!

A short word about racists on LGF. A couple of months ago, blogger Umar Lee posted a picture from the 50s showing the lynching of a black person and called the post: “1950s Little Green Footballs Gathering“, as a way of poking fun at their racism. (For some reason, the picture isn’t there anymore).
“Bu.. bu but Islam is not a race!” – Yes, I know Islam is not a race, and that by Islamic teachings, race is irrelevant, but go to LGF and substitute “Muslims” with “Blacks” or “N***ers” and you have blatant and clear-as-the-sun racism. Or substitute it with “Jews” and I dare you to tell me with a straight face that it’s not “antisemitism”. Go on, do it now!

To get back to Umar, he got a torrent of angry e-mails and comments from LGFers that perfectly proved his point. If it wasn’t so evil it would be very, very funny (Emphasis added):

awake,why debate with these niggers and nigger lovers? it is clear that these animals can’t be reasoned with

[In another comment:] Umar and those with him are nigger loving ass lickersWhite Nationalist
Can any of you name a black run country that is not a shit hole? the countries that were doing something were whites run. when the whites were run out by the natives, the country goes to shit.

whites could give non-whites (and nigger loving whites) this country and let them come in as they want and we could move to africa (after they left) and within 30 years africa would be a world power. this country would be a shit hole asking for handouts from us.


you can’t reason with these rag heads. the only way is to get them the hell out of our country (..)
i bet i could kick you nigger loving ass

Latrell Washington
Personally, I find this blog to be offensive and juvenile, just like your typical muslim extremist. If you pro-jihad imbeciles continue on your course of ignorance, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes open season on muslim extremists around the world and we will be able to just exterminate you like the rats that you are.

I look forward to this day.


I can’t believe what you’re writing. What in the hell would you make friends with these fucking rag heads that want to kill us all? They are making tuqqiyah on you. the next President should pass an executive order banning mosques in our country

That’s another thing about LGF. They like to act all-knowing and use Islamic terms like they have an idea. Yet they know jack, and make fools out of themselves in the process (as usual). The two best examples are “dhimmi” and “Taqiyya”. I swear to God, before actually going to LGF I didn’t know what those words meant. Apparently “dhimmi” is supposedly a very-widely used term describing adherents of other religions living under Islamic rule as 3rd class citizens. In fact, never in my life have I heard any Muslim actually say that word, and every Christian I knew who was living in predominately-Muslim Cairo lived a normal life like everybody else.
(Never mind the fact that Islam teaches to acknowledge Jesus and Moses as God’s messengers, the Bible and Torah as his words, etc etc..)

Now to “Taqiyyah”. After researching a bit, I found out why I hadn’t heard of this word before. It’s because it’s used by Shia Muslims only! It means when one hides his faith as a result of fear, persecution or compulsion, often thought of to be a means of deceit. In fact, many Sunni clerics denounce this, as a real Muslim doesn’t need to conceal his faith.

But in LGFistan, apparently you gain more credibility and respect by knowing more about the enemy. No need to question your vast knowledge and wisdom if you can throw around a few Arabic words. And if you’re part of the gang, you’re always right:

#7 Peacekeeper
Ok, I goofed. It is a public University, clearly it is our business. I should read the link before getting snarky.
My first mistake. Ever.
[Didn't know we had perfect humans.. Apparently LGF does - ed.]
Sorry Charles.

But it _would_ help their sad credibility if they had any idea what the hell they’re talking about:

# 10 siiras
A black muslim makes as much sense as a Nazi Jew.

Well then Einstein, explain why one of the closest companions of Mohamed (PBUH) was a black Ethiopian, why I see a handful of black Muslims every time I go to a mosque, and why being black and Muslim at the same time is contradictory when Islam has explicitly stated that all humans are created equal and that the only “difference” is by how pious one is. No wait, in the world of LGF, some humans are more equal than others.. They won’t understand how everyone can be equal.

Often you will find people there saying: “Quran teaches violence, gang rape, looting, murder, yadda yadda”. Not only do they say that, but they repeated this lie long enough to believe it themselves:

#85 hyphen
Who is your role model? The Prophet. Who is your role model? The Prophet.Who would you like to rape when you grow up, Abdulllah?

Abdullah: The little girl down the street and all her friends.

Are these people reading another Quran than the one we do? Oh right, nobody actually read it to start with. Except a few ripped-out-of-context verses found on scummy obscure anti-Islamic hate-sites. But that’s good enough as having read it, right? Right..?

My good friend ‘Red Tulips’ said I am possibly living proof of everything LGF is saying. Charming.. In fact, LGF would consider me one of their biggest enemies, just because as a Muslim I can break every single one of their stereotypes. You see, not only does LGF stereotype Muslims (and support hostility and violence against them), but they refuse to acknowledge that any good can come from them, as demonstrated in the following comment:

#137 hayseed
If he’s a real muslim, he’s lying to you. If he isn’t lying to you he’s not a real muslim (he doesn’t get to decide that.)

I’m not even dignifying this one with an analysis. Remember the Virginia Tech massacre? Before the identity of the murderer came out, they were already wishing that it would be a Muslim, because it would fit into their stiff and narrow mindset. Instead: “What? Non-muslim terrorist?! Does not compute..”

Ok, so we’ve seen how LGF endorses mindless hate. And it’s not just Muslims and left-wingers, it’s democrats, liberals, Europeans, peace and peace activists and practically anybody who doesn’t agree with them 150%. Add to that that everybody who doesn’t do everything in his power to p$&# off these people, especially Muslims, is considered “spineless” and a “coward”, even worthy of getting killed:

#55 crown_of_feathers
Think you need a thread on the Alan Johnston video.Let me pre-emptively state: I hope that scumbag dies a rotten death at the hands of his heros.

Now let’s take a closer look at the very people that are trying to convince me that I belong to a death cult:

#the Boodge
You may not like it, and it may not be very PC, but we are gonna have to just free the world from ISLAMIC OPPRESSION and wipe them all out. Its not a religion, its a death cult!Time to quit palying games with the terrorist and put an end to this mess once and for all!

I find it a bit grotesque, how somebody who makes that death-cult accusation talks about “wiping them all out” in the previous sentence. The response:

#104 Poimanester
You beat me to it. Either this generation of lil’ jihadists will be deprogrammed or we will have to kill every single one of them. Too bad, but the math is pretty simple.

Now behold the highly disturbing nature of the following comments:

#66 BabbaZee
51 Frank_Mtl
If you could get a hold of every child 6 and under right now and whisk them away somewhere to save them…..IMO it would then take 15-20 years to see the fruits of those saved 6 & unders, behold the next generation of “reeducated” people.

The LARGE majority of the rest of them, from the age of 7 up to 45 years old are completely lost, incurable IMO.

I will not state outright what I think should be done about those lost ones here, and only for the love of Charles.

Certainly he should not take the heat for anyone’s “radical” views, especially mine.

But the answer is biblically permissible. Just not polite or acceptable to PC society.

I go by the word of GOD,
not men.

What I would do about it is not acceptable to so called civilized western men, who are rapidly being eaten by the cancer of uncivilized beasts.

What do you do about cancer, I ask them?

“Biblically permissible”. And you were whining about people who justify murder with religion. I see..
Now for one that’s not so subtle:

#1 The Law Student
I’ve been fond of transfer of these subhuman sarcens for a while. Perhaps something more like targetted genocide at the religious muslims will become necesary.

And another:

# 42 Pawn of the Oppressor
I had no idea about the killing of the two guys in Ramallah.I can’t post anything right now that won’t get me banned. If I was Israel’s president at the time, unfortuntely I think the response would have been eventually classified under “genocide”.

Genocide. For two dead people. Hitler is probably smiling up at you from hell, you bloody psychopath. And an even more disturbing one:

#30 Mark Roth
This is not news. I had a similar plan for the solution to the palestian/Israeli issues. It goes like this:Pay each palestinian man, woman, child and infant $5000, load them onto airplanes and ship them to Riyad. Once there push them out and repeat until all “palestinians” were safely in Riyad. Then nuke Riyad.

A physician friend of mine had a question about the plan, because he felt the cost of nukes was perhaps unwarranted.

“What altitude do you plan to push them out at?” he asked.

Obvious solution to the problem.

Wow. Somebody who has devoted himself to curing people is suggesting ways to kill other humans, including women, children and infants. Just.. Wow.

Here’s somebody that’s suggesting about Palestinians what the nazis were thinking of doing to Jews in the third Reich:

#35 Jan
Elimination is the only solution; I know that sounds bad, but that’s the way it is. Forced sterilization, and full occupation to keep them under control until the problem solves itself in about 50 years.Unfortunately the palinazis have to spill rivers of innocent blood before that could ever happen. Or it may be that no amount of muslim violence will be enought to wake up today’s PC-brainwashed population to the grim reality.

I’ll give you a grim reality. Go and spend some time in Gaza. See for yourself what’s going on and then form your own opinion, like what Karin or Haitham Sabbah did. Then you won’t be posting such crap like:

#49 transferthem
Refugee camp my tuchus!! Centre of terror and genocide, maybe, but no refugee camp.Is this part of the area the un is bleating that it can’t feed? I hope so. If every subhuman piece of excrement in the rafah non refugee camp dies slowly and painfully of starvation, I’ll have a great Passover!!

Why is the un feeding terror? It’s demise would make Passover even happier than thousands of dead terrorists in raffah.

Maybe if the un ceases to feed the raffah bacteria then they will have to consider getting off their f*****g asses and doing something about earning themselves a living instead of devoting themselves to a death cult and sending out their kids to blow up all over Israel.

Here are some very brief but direct ones:

#10 Student of Objectivism
Carpet bomb Tehran. It should have been the first thing on our agenda since 1979.#25 Maccabee
Death to the Arabs

#39 Brownfinger
My god these people suck! Carpet bomb the west bank and gaza tonight! Send arafat to hell to see mohammed then nuke iran for good measure. Fu*k france, germany, and the un.

(I will never capitalize the first letter of anything to do with pisslam again. That shows far too much respect for these scumbags.)

I am a strong opposer of violence, but if that last one was in front of me right now I would’ve made an exception and punched his sorry face to a pulp. *spit*

You also have you share of armchair generals:

#116 Shiplord Kirel
What would I have done?Immediately after the identity of the 9-11 murderers was established, I would have asked Congress for a declaration of war contingent upon the Taliban’s response to an ultimatum to turn over bin Laden and his entire gang.
Once the deadline was past, and war was declared, I would have asked for a blank check for national defense, a tax increase, rationing and price controls as necessary, and all other emergency measures to fight another world war.
I would have called up ALL military reserves, just as FDR did in 1941.
I would have asked for authorization for a renewal of the draft, but first I would have made an impassioned call for 1 million volunteers to fight a global war of extermination against Islamic terrorists.

I would have opened the battle with simultaneous strikes against Al Qaeda affiliates and supporters in every part of the world, applying World War 2 rules of engagement, and with or without the consent of the local governments. This is what many of us expected, and we were sorely disappointed. I was astonished, for example, when American forces did not smash the AQ nest in Somalia in the early days of the war. The rats scampered back to Saudi Arabia but returned to Somalia once they realized they were safe there. They should not have been safe in Saudi itself, for that matter.

The idea that we didn’t have the forces for this is frankly ridiculous. Very few of our troops were needed in Afghanistan and the wartime expansion would have filled the ranks by the time Iraq came along, provided Saddam had continued his defiance after his fellow terror enablers had been reduced to charred bones.

No wonder the left devils started seeing this as an opportunity to relive their Vietnam glory days. It is being fought like Vietnam, a peacetime war. We can’t afford to lose this time.

.. politicians:

#32 Killgore Trout
I think the real question that none of them are talking about is what to do with the Palestinians. Is anyone going to go out on a limb and state that we’re cutting of all aid to Palestine until they become peaceful?
["..they're all dead?" - There.. I corrected it for you - ed.]

..”good-natured” and “loving” people:

#28 hyphen
It’s very troubling that in Muslim countries, Muslims who have tasted the “goodness” of Islam are leaving by the tens of thousands every year to embrace Jesus Christ, but in Western countries, our liberal educational institutions are bending over backwards to appease this dangerous political and religious ideologies.Source straight from a renown imam

6 million Muslims leaving Islam every year in Africa alone

I find solace in the belief that, in the end, this death cult called Islam will be destroyed by the Love of Jesus Christ. Muslims will have had enough of the hatred and violence, and will embrace the cross. They will be targeted for death and
violence, but they will never go back to Islam.

.. arrogant deskchair-warriors with prophetic abilities:

#23 Amos
You people are pathetically deluded. In 20 years Iraq will be a free and prosperous nation, and it’s people will hate Americans just like the Fench, South Koreans and all the other ungratefull scum do.
America is undertaking this project in her own self interest, to refom a filthy, barbaric failed state that was a festering threat to her security and the entire region. If we can get the useless, worthless ungrateful and treacherous Arabs to behave like half-civilised people and spread some democratic reform in the middle east it will be a big win for the US and humanity and worth the price in American blood. THAT’S what we’re paying for, otherwise I wouldn’t trade one American life for a thousand Arabs. But don’t look for gratetude, you will get only spitting and curses from these people. In 20 years their well-off middle class kids will be wearing American blue jeans, listening to American hip-hop and burning the American flag in the street, just like all the others, from Belgium to Seoul. Fuck ‘em. These swine are getting democracy for OUR own good, not theirs. Try to have a little perspective, people.

.. and of course, butchers:

#20 Rick Z
I really don’t consider it killing. It’s simply extermination of vermin, diseased vermin at that. I’d like to think of it as more like a Death Cult Prophylactic.

So somebody tell me:

I wish these types of comments were the exception. Sadly enough, every single LGF post’s comment section contains piles of this idiocy.
Now, after enduring reading that %*#@, go back and read the very first comment by JoiseyMafia again, the one bashing left-wingers. Then ask yourself how mentally deranged one can be. And finally, don’t forget to take the LGF-Quiz!.

The Sphinx

The war on Islam – Internet style

If you look at my links section, you might have realized that I removed the link to If you didn’t know what Digg is, here’s a short introduction: In the past, Digg used to be a funny, interesting and sometimes informative source on interesting tech news, and recently other types news. It had a system of users choosing which stories are interesting, and which ones aren’t. One could “digg up” a story if it’s worth publishing, or “bury” it if it’s lame, spam, inaccurate, etc.. If a story got enough diggs, it would appear on the front page for everyone to see.

Users could also comment on every story, and have their comments dugg up or down by other users, depending on how relevant, interesting or funny the comment is.
One could spend lots of time searching Digg for interesting stories, rating them, commenting on them, reading other people’s comments, and so on.

Not too long ago, Digg created a “Political news” and “Political opinion” section, allowing even a broader spectrum of stories and news. You’d get your usual troll here and there, but they got buried pretty quickly. Extremely right-wing comments never got through. And so it was..

A couple of weeks ago though, anti-Islamic stories started to appear, one by one. They increased very quickly and started hitting the front page in a scary fashion. What was even scarier was that the comments bashing Islam and calling for the genocide of all muslims or the destruction of Islam as a whole started getting extremely positive ratings, while the comments saying that it’s just a minority of extremists and not the religion got buried very quickly, along with the comments saying that not all muslims are terrorists, and that the media is just biased and that Islam is in fact not a violent or hateful religion.

After going through the comments sections and arguing with lots of muslim-bashing trolls, I decided to quit. It was far too ridiculous for me to cope with and it was like talking to a wall. Plus I have better things to do with my time than convincing some people that they have serious problems.

Interestingly enough, this whole raid on digg had one single source: The vile scum also known as Little Green Footballs. For the confused: Little Green Footballs is a blog which is seemingly dedicated to bash Muslims and Islam in every way possible. While the main author of the blog, Charles Johnson, restricts himself to presenting every single piece of bad news about the Religion of Peace (A term, which he tends to use, but in a sarcastic manner), his faithful readership is rabidly islamophobic and the comment section has featured frequent calls to destroy Islam, nuke out the middle east, drive all Muslims away from Islam, or even more convenient: Kill all muslims (Who are always associated with terrorism, violence, and barbarianism and are referred to as “Koranimals” and other rather pejorative statements).

Yes yes, “Free speech” you’ll say.. Nothing against being able to express yourself, but if you ask me, nowadays free speech is just becoming another lame excuse in order to p#&@ people off and get away with it.
I’m currently positioned in a country which has extremely strict laws and regulations about anything that’s even remotely connected with Nazi-ism (In Germany, you’re not even allowed to draw a crossed-out Swastika, which is supposedly an Anti-Nazi symbol.. just because the sign contains a swastika to begin with). So Neo-Nazis don’t have their share of free speech. Fair enough if you ask me, there are limits for everything, even free speech, and Nazi propaganda is far beyond that limit already.

Now what does this have in any way to do with LGF? Everything. If you check out this little quiz (further down the page), you’ll realize that LGF’s readership-spread propaganda and Nazi propaganda aren’t very far apart. In fact, the only difference is that it’s another group of people that’s being victimised. If you take that quiz, you’ll realize that the sentiment, and sometimes even the terminology used is exactly the same. So insisting that this type of behaviour falls under the holy right of free speech doesn’t fall short of being plain Hypocrisy™.

Ironically enough, the LGF crowds would be the last ones to associate themself with Hitler or the likes. After a LGF post about an attack on a Jewish Kindergarten in Germany, there were even statements like “I’m still baffled about why any Yidden chose to return to Germany.“. But naturally though, the commenters were pathologically trying to associate muslims with this story, although if you read the story, there is no proof that it was muslims to start with. And not to forget the usual violent urges against muslims, and the hints of Jewish Supremacy in th e rounds.

Funnily enough, regarding that story of the Kindergarten, one of the commenters said: “I guess people haven’t learned from history.“. And although I proudly disassociate myself from anything that has to do with LGF and it’s agenda, I find myself agreeing with that comment. The LGF crowds just haven’t learned that this kind of hate and bias has lead to very ugly results, like the Holocaust that they themselves loathe so much, ironically.

At this point I will remind everybody that I firmly reject such attacks on Jews, and I will gladly say again that I respect Judaism and Jews as Islam tells me to. But this LGF-esque attitude of promoting one group to an almost super-human status and constantly kissing up to them, and at the same time reducing another group to the ranks of vermin is ridiculous, especially if it’s based on a few historical events. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. We’re all human beings after all, and God created us all equal, and in our humble state, we are not the ones to destroy this equality.

It seems that these people are unaware that fighting Islam is simply useless. To kill off both means to kill the ideologies, and to kill the ideologies you need to kill every single person who supports the ideologies. Now if you take Islam as a target that you want to annihilate, that means you want to kill over 1.5 billion muslims, along with the countless other people who have no problems with Islam, and even like Islam and muslims. And all those people together probably make up significantly more than half of the world’s population. You want to kill half the world’s population? You deserve the sad remains of your brain surgically removed.
Islam is the fastest growing religious community in the world, and it is here to stay. Period, end of discussion. Live with it and stop whining. And if you’re afraid that they’ll take over the west and impose their beliefs on everybody:
a) Bullcrap. That’s simply not going to happen.
b) That’s exactly the tactic Hitler used to fuel the hatred and fear against Jews not too long ago. So I guess Hitler is your role model then.

What adds a pathetic twist to this whole story is that the LGF crowds (calling themselves Lizards for mysterious reasons) are gloating that their recent actions at will seriously help them in the war on terror. How it will is beyond me. Fighting terrorism is like trying to fight the wind. It’ll always be there and has always been there since humans have existed, not to mention that fighting terrorism is one of the reasons why terrorism exists. And fighting terrorism can usually be a form of terrorism itself.
About the uselessness of trying to fight terrorism, refer to this interesting commentary. The only way to stop terrorism is simply to stop being terrified.

What they don’t realize is that this hostility towards muslims is exactly what fuels muslims’ hatred towards the west even more. Muslims do NOT hate westerners, Muslims hate intolerant westerners. Muslims do NOT hate other religions, muslims hate members of other religions bashing theirs. Muslims do NOT hate freedom as some imbecile once said, muslims hate the abuse of freedom. And sadly enough, it’ll be a long time before the LGF crowds realize this.

To sum it up all up
War on Terror: Useless
War on Islam: Stupid, and even more useless
Islamic Terror: Oxymoron. Islam has never condoned terrorism. That’s a lie.
Best way to get people on your side: Make them tremble in fear.

For more information and updates on LGF, visit this nice blog dedicated to exposing the shenanigans coming from that wretched place. Which is the best way to deal with these people, as Karin told me once. In order to bring them down, you need to expose them first.

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"Us vs. Them"

I could write a novel about the following, or I could keep it rather short. I’ll go for the latter;

Why is it that we human beings just love to take sides in any discussion, conflict or argument, stand for it to the end and demonize whoever’s on the other side? Why is it that any sympathy with the other side is considered “treason”?
It’s this eternal sickness we have: “You’re either with us, or you’re with them”. No compromises there, and once you start to criticize something about “us”, you’re one of “them” now. You can say all you want against “them” to defend yourself (Which you will most probably do because you know better than to only criticize “us”), but “we” will be at your neck for the slightest critique.

Another thing: Why is it that people always tend to judge others, solely based on their lifestyle? This is something I realized lately: Your mentality is what people judge you by, and NOT how good a person you are.

One last question: Have you ever tried getting along with somebody who is opinion-wise your diametrical opposite, especially regarding politics and religion? Not possible you say? Yes it is. I can say that out of experience (and whoever I’m referring to: You know who you are ;) ). It’s invaluable to actually respect each other and agree to disagree. After all, it’s respect that defines friendship, and not similarity.

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On Iran

I konw the topic isn’t really up-to-date anymore, but I can’t help commenting about it. Just a short ramble about this whole hype about Iran and nuclear power:

We all know the international community is trembling to the fact that Iran has succeeded in enriching uranium, thus starting it’s nuclear program that it has described as a peaceful one. Everyone else has one thought in their heads: Iran + Nuclear power = Nukes = Bad news.

1) Suppose Iran want to seek a peaceful nuclear program and provide tons of efficient power. SO WHAT?! The only legitimate concern that’s left is whether they don’t screw up and another Chernobyl disaster happens. And I guess with the over-careful monitoring that’s involved, that won’t be much of a problem

2) Suppose they really do want to stock up on nuclear weapons.. Before you all leap at me saying: “THEN STOP THEM, IRAN + NUCLEAR JUST CAN’T BE GOOD!!”:
Err, you really make it sound like it’s a race to build nukes and Iran will be the first.. Like back in the 40s where the US was competing against an imaginary Nazi program to build the first bomb. But what do we have here? The US has the biggest stock of nuclear weapons ever. Israel, that tiny little country probably has a nice stock, The North Koreans are happily testing their stuff with only mere complaints from the others, though Japan is now an easy target for their long range missiles, France and the UK are in the club, along with India and China. But when it comes to Iran and Uranium, the whole international community is at its neck.

Let’s assume Iran really starts building its first bomb. Disarm that whole lot first, then talk about preventing Iran from getting its own weapons. And I’m not saying that they are building nukes, maybe they really aren’t. I mean, jeez, they’re not the first country to seek or have a nuclear power program. Think about the embarrassment right there if they turned out to only build power plants.

Why do countries stock up on weapons anyway? To defend themselves against potential threats? What if _nobody_ had any weapons or military? No weapons => No wars => No more significant threat => No need for weapons => No wars => … Forgive the idealistic thought, but the whole thing is just stupid, and what’s stupid needn’t be justified. Who needs wars anyway? F*** wars.

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Why I’m against ridiculous copyright (actually trademark) policies (Pt. 3)

Ok I’m not saying anything. I’ll let the stupidity talk for itself:

A business listings website set up by a father and daughter in the UK has been threatened with legal action by directory firm Yell.


Yell, which operates, has said that users could confuse the website with its own services.

In a letter to Mr Youlten, solicitors acting for Yell said that Yellowikis was “plainly purporting to be associated with our client” and that the firm’s intellectual property was under threat.


Yell wants Mr Youlten to shut down his site and hand over the four different website addresses for the service. Solicitors have said they will seek damages and an injunction if he fails to respond to their requests. A spokesman for Yell told BBC News: “Yell takes its brand and intellectual property seriously. “Like any prudent brand owner it seeks to protect it.”

Mr Youlten has contacted a solicitor, who is examining their request. He told BBC News: “We have not deliberately gone out to pretend to be Yell. It’s one of those unfortunate things. We have a different sort of perspective than Yell. We consider ourselves to be a global business listing.”


The site is run as a hobby and not for profit, said Mr Youlten. “We have 400 to 500 register editors who update the pages as a hobby.”
Users of the service are being asked to help choose a new name for the website and to make a donation to the legal defence fund. “We hope they (Yell) understand that we did not mean to do it and that they will let us operate under a different name,” he added.

Yell is arguing that the use of the name Yellowikis, the yellow logo used by the service and its positioning at the top left of the website “amounts to a misrepresentation which may result in third parties associating the website registered in your name with out client”.

Ok can anyone tell me what the similarity between this site and this one is, that could lead to a misinterpretation? I’m not commenting on this..

Thanks to Alaa for pointing this out

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The holy football

After seeing the people of my country turn into a bunch of patriots because of football, I thought football fever couldn’t go any much further. Wrong:
Tomanbay has an interesting link that shows that football has spawned true fanatics in the very sense of the word. People who’d even go as far as restricting the free speech of others in the name of football:

Wow, footie fever has reached new heights and clearly broiled the brains of the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre watchdog who just banned an ad for “attacking football.”

The banned advert from World Vision was encouraging viewers to sponsor a child in the Third World, it showed a young African boy playing football with a ball made out of maize, bags and string. The VO then said: “England’s team are sponsored for £49million. Masidi is sponsored for 60p a day.”

The BACC said that the advert “suggested money spent in the development and sponsorship of football was wasted” – meanwhile the World Vision boss Rudo Kwaramba was “extremely surprised by this ruling.”

OMG!! These world vision dimwits are seriously suggesting that hungry and dying children in Africa have a higher priority than a bunch of people running after a ball? Oh the humanity!! Oh the BLASPHEMY!!

Ok, sooner or later this needs to be said:


Let’s see them ban me from blogging because of this..

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On the "Sex" Google trends hype

Ok, this was spread through the internet quite a while ago. If you open Google trends and enter “Sex” to see which regions search for that specific word you’ll get this interesting result. On the top ten list, most of them are arab or muslim countries. Big Pharaoh even noticed that in Ramadan, the search for “Sex” over google went down, but skyrocketed once the month was over.

Now I know it’s quite strange that this region that deems to be religious and conservative searches so much for sex over google. But there’s something I just thought about:

When an arab browses through porn sites, he’s looking at “sex” sites. When he’s checking out hot chicks in light clothing, he’s looking at “sex”. When he’s downloading adult videos from the net, he’s getting “sex” videos. Pictures of stripping and nakedness: “sex”. “Hey, what should we do now?” – “Come on, let’s look at some sex..”.
The word “sex” sums up absolutely everything that’s X-rated for the average Ali (thanks Halalhippie) that has no good command of the english language. So it’s no wonder that every time he wants to get turned on, he types this childishly easy 3-letter word that means lots of stuff to him. Especially when he has no idea where to start.

If you check google trends for “Porn”, you get a totally different result:

1. South Africa
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. Ireland
5. United Kingdom
6. Norway
7. Canada
8. India
9. United States
10. Finland

Interesting, eh? No arab/muslim countries on the top ten list. Search for “sex porn” and you get this:

1. India
2. New Zealand
3. Norway
4. Australia
5. United Kingdom
6. Turkey
7. United States
8. Canada
9. Denmark
10. Belgium

My conclusion: 1) It’s all a matter of language
2) The world is full of perverts!

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